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Choose communication channel

When choosing a suitable communication channel, begin by asking yourself what, to whom and how you want to communicate. Depending on the circumstances and the specific message, choose a communication channel accordingly. As a ground rule, the impact grows when you use several channels which are linked with an overarching message.

Below you find some of the most common communications channels:

Website / Blog

  • Texts
  • Discussions
  • Message
  • Monologue
  • Gather information


  • Personal views
  • Short texts
  • Dialogue
  • Links and photos
  • Comments


  • Chatty
  • 140 characters
  • Fast
  • Trendy
  • Live
  • Comments

News letters

  • News!
  • Deliver a quick overview
  • Maintain relationships regularly

Press information

  • Vital information that help the journalists in their work
  • Plain message in the headline. Start with the most important piece of information
  • Supply useful links, photos, videos etc.

Film archives (YouTube / Vimeo )

  • Channel for storing, sharing and viewing videos
  • Applicable to most formats and convertible for HD and mobile viewing
  • Can be delivered by e-mail and broadcasted instantly
  • Both private and public viewing

Bambuser /FLV format

  • Streaming channel for live video broadcasting
  • Quality dependent on the available equipment
  • Supported by most mobile phones
  • Films can be downloaded on to memory cards for editing. The edited version can then be uploaded to YouTube for viewing
  • Live broadcasting via webcam
  • Possible to film in private mode and streaming after security check

Photo archives (Flickr / Instagram)

  • Work as photo archives, apps and social networks simultaneously. Available for both Iphone and Android.
  • Flickr is free of charge for up to 200 photos. Can be used to upload pictures and arrange personal galleries.

Combine Channels:

To achieve the greatest impact, organise your communication channels in a flowchart.

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Compiled in co-operation with Saimy Swärd/Arcada.