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For the meal to be successful it is important that you take into account the type of event or function in question; breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktail reception or coffee. Is it a formal event or a relaxed lunch? Who is your guest and what expectations do you think the guest will have?

Regardless the nature of the function, elements of the Nordic kitchen can easily find their place on the menu.

Cured meats and fish are suitable for cold finger foods at a cocktail party and a traditional smörrebröd on rye bread, garnished with pickled herring, cold cuts or seasonal vegetables can accompany a working lunch, for example.

Coffee and cakes are a natural part of Nordic hospitality, so even the traditional  coffee-break can be a natural way of demonstrating Nordic culinary traditions.

How many courses in a meal?

How many courses a meal should consist of depends on the context. Usually an appetizer, a main course and a dessert is served. At grander events, especially formal dinner parties, four dishes are normally served. Meals which consist of more than four courses are rare.

Depending on the season and the event can be the starter composed of, for example, soup, salad, fish, meat and rum.

The main course is served seasonal meat, fish or poultry.

The dessert can be cooked berries, fruit or dairy products, depending on the time of year.

Also, vegetarians should be considered. It is important that their food is planned and prepared as carefully as the other guests.

Photo: Gunnar Magnusson