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The five senses
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The five senses

When creating an event you want to stimulate all five senses. Ask yourself what type of event you want to create by answering questions about what your guest should experience with their senses.

See... Hear... Touch... Smell... Taste


  • What type of event are you visualizing?
  • What lighting is needed to create the right ambience for your event?
  • What type of visual setting do you want to create?
  • Are you planning on using film or other visual communication that has to be integrated in the event?


  • What type of music wouldbe suitable, if any?
  • Should music be in the background or take a more prominet part?
  • Should there be a live orchestra?
  • Or a DJ playing?


  • What should the invitation feel like?
  • Should the tables be set with rough or smooth materials?
  • How will the guests be seated, on hard chairs or soft cushions?


  • What fragance should the guests exerience when they arrive?
  • Do I need to use scented candles the room?
  • Or i the lavatories?


  • Hw should I present the meal or menu?
  • How do I incorporate seasonal and fresh produce in the menu?
  • What national or regional drinks can complement the menu?
  • Can the chef present the meal?
  • Can there be a written menu explaining the different courses and where the produce come from?

Photo: New Nordic Food II