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The success of the Nordic Kitchen
The Nordic Kitchen > The success of the Nordic Kitchen

The success of the Nordic Kitchen

Since the start, with the signing of the Manifesto for New Nordic Cuisine in 2004, New Nordic Food has made its name all over the world.

More importantly, though, is the growing awareness amongst chefs in all types of restaurants; in schools, in hospitals and in work places, of the Nordic culinary heritage and the rich variety of ingredients that are available on our doorstep and are particularly excellent in Nordic climates. Food that tastes great and is healthy, too.

The success story of Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen may be the prime example of the growing interest in food from the region. Restaurant Noma’s concept, mixing Nordic culinary traditions and ingredients with modern and innovative cooking techniques has won the hearts of foodies around the globe. Furthermore, for three consecutive years, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Noma was elected the world´s best restaurant by the jury of the prestigious contest The World´s 50 Best Restaurant.

Young and entrepreneurial chefs in the Nordic countries have been inspired by the forerunners who back in 2004 signed the manifesto.

As a result, standards are high and innovativeness is growing in restaurant kitchens all around the Nordic region. Moreover, Nordic chefs have become increasingly prominent on the winners stand in the biannual world championships for chefs, the Bocuse d´Or

Photo: Årets kock (Culinary Olympics 2012)