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The Nordic countries' kitchen

Nordic food is influenced by the cold winters and long summers. Fish and seafood from the clean waters, game and wild berries from the forests. Locally produced bread, meat and beer. Traditional Nordic fare is seasonal, based on regionally available and fresh produce of high quality which is prepared by using simple but effective cooking techniques that preserve the ingredients' unique characteristics.

In the south, the seasons are clearly defined as four different periods of the year, each with their own characteristics. In the north, autumn and spring arrive late and blend quickly into winter or summer. Consequently, to follow the seasons is a natural part of our gastronomic heritage, although no longer a necessity. But to eat according to the seasons is a way to secure produce of the highest quality and taste.

Although influenced by other food cultures and tastes and refined through the centuries, the core of the Nordic food culture has more or less survived. Today we see a revival of our regional and national gastronomic roots as more and more forward seeking chefs are looking for inspiration locally. The core elements may still remain but today the Nordic kitchen is innovative and experimental and inspires chefs all over the world.

Photo: Nordic Innovation