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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Nordic Food Diplomacy?

A: Nordic food is making its name all over the world. This has been recognised by the Nordic Council of Ministers and by the creation of the New Nordic Food Programme. As part of the programme, Nordic Food Diplomacy work to highlight the Nordic cuisine at official meetings, at events at the Nordic embassies abroad and on many other occasions when promoting opportunities can arise.

Q: How can I find information about what Nordic produce is in season?

A: Although food all over the Nordic regions has common traits, growing conditions can vary between the different parts. However, under the seasonal produce we have made lists for all four seasons on produce that should be available at that time of the year.

Q: Is it compulsory to cook with Nordic ingredients?

A: The main objective for New Nordic Diplomacy is that what we serve tastes right and gives the right sensations. Plainly put, the eater should get a strong feeling of what is unique about Nordic food. However, since one of the main aims of Nordic policy is to demonstrate high ethical standards and a concern for the environment, it is crucial to try and minimize unnecessary transportation. Therefore, shop locally if you can.

Q: Where can I find Nordic produce abroad?

A: To make it simple to serve Nordic food, we have made a list of wholesalers and companies that export around the world. In many countries in Europe, big supermarket chains are increasingly putting more and more Nordic foods on their shelves.

Q: What types of wine and beer should I serve at a New Nordic Food event?

A: Drink always adds to the experience and the understanding of a specific food culture. Traditionally, the Nordic countries have a strong brewing culture which has had a renaissance during the last decade. Small micro breweries are popping up everywhere, producing their own speciality beers. Furthermore, in southern Scandinavia, wine-makers are getting more prolific and skilled.

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