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Nordic Seasons
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Nordic Seasons

Life in the Nordic countries, as well as our gastronomy, is arranged and designed around the changing seasons.

In the south, they are clearly defined as four different periods of the year, each with their own characteristics. In the north, autumn and spring arrive late and blend quickly into winter or summer.

Consequently, to follow the seasons is a natural part of our gastronomic heritage, although no longer a necessity. But to eat according to the seasons is a way to secure produce of the highest quality and taste.

Modern life

Although modern life may not offer numerous possibilities to grow, pick, hunt and forage, the number of small scale growers and artisan food producers is growing all over the Nordic region. Furthermore, regional and seasonal variety in what we serve strengthens the global food culture, which may otherwise be in danger of becoming bland and standardized.

With the increasing interest among the public for home-grown produce, businesses for all kinds of produce, and even for foraged wild herbs and plants, have opened and are supplying both home cooks and restaurants.

Photo: Gunnar Magnusson