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The Swedish smorgasbord, an assortment of pickled herring, cold cuts and warm and luke-warm dishes served as a buffet, may be Sweden´s best known contribution to gastronomy. However, our culinary heritage is much more frugal. Up until the 1900s, a vast majority of the Swedish population lived of what the land provided. Our strong food traditions are therefore closely linked with farming, fishing, hunting, and of course the Sami culture in the north. Pork but also game in the winters, cured fish, seafood and reindeer are providing the protein base.

All kinds of vegetables are grown around the country, although potato is the preferred accompaniment to meat dishes. Lately, the Swedish tradition called fika has had a renaissance. Coffee served together with cakes, biscuits and/or cinnamon buns which earlier was a ritual strongly associated with old ladies has been transformed and become trendy.

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Sweden - the new culinary nation

Eskil Erlandsson, Minister for Rural Affairs, has a vision about Sweden as the new culinary nation. Long, light spring and summer evenings, diversity of produce and manufacturing methods, unique nature and good chefs - that is why Sweden will become the new culinary nation in Europe.

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